Corn and Callus Removal


Patient's presenting with corns and callus are assessed for suitability for treatment via an objective Vascular and Neurological assessment. 

Callus and corns are safely reduced and removed with a scalpel. This process is called debridement and can relieve pain and suffering experiences from cracked heels, and hard and soft corns. 
It's vital that patients do not use Corn Plasters or Hard skin removal creams, as they can result in Ulcerations that become infected  and are difficult to heal. 

Callus and corns build around the pressure points and each foot can show different patterns depending on how the individual walks, or what type of shoe they wear. 

Health education regarding pressure relief can resolve many difficulties. 

Musculoskeletal Assessments can analyse the way they walk in order to prevent hard skin and corns returning.


Hard skin also builds around foreign bodies, such as dog hairs or glass, and examination can allow for safe removal in the clinic preventing infection and pain. 


Sometimes corns around the nail folds can feel like Ingrowing Toenails and these are easily removed, and with advice can be managed successfully. 

Every patient has their vascular and neurological status checked prior to any treatment.